As a local leader in mobility solutions, Hampton Roads Mobility realizes that your needs extend beyond a modular ramp system to get in and out of the home. We are committed to providing the products you need to help maximize your independence. This is why we carry EZ-ACCESS® portable ramps — an essential accessory to wheelchairs and scooters. These lightweight, compact, and versatile ramp designs help to make barriers against independence and accessibility a thing of the past.


Portable and compact, suitcase ramps are the Swiss Army knives of accessibility ramps. You can use them in a variety of places for access. And they fold up and travel with you as well. Threshold ramps are even smaller and are used for door thresholds, curbs and other places where you need a small ramp for accessibility. EZ Access® has trademarked the SUITCASE®, TRIFOLD®, and PATHWAY® brands, among others…so if you want to have the best products then make sure you go with the original brand – don’t waste your money on knock-offs!


For mobility needs that extend beyond the scope of a portable or threshold ramp, Modular Ramps are quick to assemble and configurable for almost any home. Typically used at the front or back of a home to provide safe and secure wheelchair access, these ramps are more substantial and strong than a suitcase ramp. Our technicians can quickly configure and install a modular ramp system to meet your needs and the needs of your home.
And best of all, Hampton Roads Mobility offers all of its ramps – both portable and modular — for purchase or rent. Call us today for a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation at 757-848-5884.