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The bathroom can be one of the most difficult rooms in the house to access for people who use wheelchairs. From small spaces to lips or edges on showers, bathrooms often pose multiple obstacles that prevent full independence.

Bathrooms can also be one of the most expensive parts of the home to renovate. If you are not ready to spend the money on a bathroom renovation, you can still enjoy greater independence with the use of portable showers.

Portable Showers at Hampton Roads Mobility

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Hampton Roads Mobility carries one of the most unique portable products on the market – the Shower Bay, a portable shower that can be installed in almost any room of your home.

The Shower Bay is designed specifically for people who use wheelchairs. It provides a safe, convenient roll-in shower solution to help you increase your independence and quality of life.

Installation is easy, requiring no tools to put the Shower Bay together. It can easily connect to many faucets throughout your home. When the faucet is on, the Shower Bay pumps water from the faucet out of the shower head, providing a true showering experience. Water drains out of the bottom of the shower and is pumped out through a hose into a nearby sink.

Once you roll into the portable shower on the provided chair, you can close the doors of the shower to enjoy privacy. The Shower Bay allows you to shower yourself without assistance of a caregiver, giving you a more relaxing shower experience.

Rent a Portable Shower

If you aren’t sure if a portable shower is right for you or you only need the unit while bathroom renovations are in process, you can rent a shower unit from Hampton Roads Mobility. Our technician can help you install the unit. If you decide to purchase the Shower Bay in the first three months of use, you can apply your rent payments toward the purchase price.

Our technicians are happy to provide a free in-home bathroom consultation for homes in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Hampton, Chesapeake and the entire Hampton Roads region. We can help you determine how to improve the safety and accessibility of your home. Hampton Roads Mobility today at (757) 663-5457 to schedule a bathroom consultation.

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