January 10, 2019

A Consumer’s Guide To Stair Lifts: Finding the Right Stair Lift Type for You

Stair lifts are a great option for people who want to stay in their own multi-level home but are having trouble navigating stairs. Depending on the model you’ll need for your home, and any options you are looking for, stair lifts are definitely an investment. But when you consider what it would cost to move to a single-floor home, or the monthly fees associated with moving into an assisted living facility, the cost is actually quite reasonable. You just need to find the right stair lift type.

What Stairlift Type Do You Need For Your Home?

The model you’ll eventually get will depend on a number of factors, including whether your stairs are straight or curved, the number of landings involved, and any customization options such as color, weight capacity, slimmer profile chairs, power safety rails and more. The best way to get started is to measure the width and of your stairs, count the number of stairs, and note whether there will be any obstacles that could hinder installation (such as how the front door opens). Then visit a qualified seller/installer in Virginia Beach or surrounding areas who can talk you through the available models and make recommendations on what would best suit your individual situation.

Just need a temporary lift while you recover from an injury or surgery, or to accommodate a loved one when they come to visit? Many chair lift sellers also provide rental stair lifts for these kinds of situations. These rentals may later be sold as gently used alternatives if you’re looking to purchase a lift on a budget.

Need a specialized stair lift type for your deck or dock steps? Outdoor stair lifts are specially designed to withstand the elements and come with a cover to protect them from rain and sun damage. However, they tend to be a little more expensive than their indoor counterparts because extra engineering is needed to keep them weather resistant.

Whatever stair lift type you decide to go with, do not be lured into buying a discounted do-it-yourself installation option. In many cases, these units do not come with a warranty or any kind of customer service or troubleshooting assistance. For your added peace of mind, be sure to work with a reputable seller/installer that will be available to answer your questions and assist you if any issues should ever arise.

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