June 19, 2019

Choosing the right stair lift for you

A stair lift can be a valuable asset for those who wish to “age in place.” Instead of downsizing to a smaller, single-story home or moving to an assisted living community, adding a stair lift to your current home can allow you to stay in comfortable and familiar surroundings. However, if you’ve never shopped for a stair lift before, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before making your final decision.

Questions For Choosing Your Home's Stairlift

How many stairs does your home have?

The total number of stairs you have, the width of your staircase, and whether you have a landing or curved staircase are all ultimately important factors in the stair lift you’ll eventually get. One other thing to note is whether the chair lift will obstruct an entrance way or door when it is resting at the bottom of the stair. Some stair lifts can “fold up” to get them out of the way.

Will children or pets be in your home?

You don’t want any toes or tails getting pinched by your lift. Some manufacturers offer chair lifts that have the gear track tucked inside a covered rail to protect external sources from potential danger.

What weight capacity does your stairlift need?

Some chair lifts come with more powerful motors to lift capacities of 300 to 400 pounds. They also often come with wider seats to accommodate larger bodies.

There are many options to consider when looking into stair lifts. Hampton Roads Mobility is ready to help answer whatever questions you may have. We can also install and provide regular service for the lift you choose. Contact us and let’s find you the perfect fit.

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