April 23, 2018

How to Make Wheelchair Ramp Landscaping Look Natural

A wheelchair ramp along the front of your home doesn’t have to stand out from the rest of your home design. As Baby Boomers age, home builders and landscape architects are finding creative ways to ensure that a wheelchair ramp adds accessibility to your home while taking nothing away for your home design. Enter wheelchair ramp landscaping.

wheelchair ramp landscaping, How to Make Wheelchair Ramp Landscaping Look Natural, Hampton Roads Mobility If you need to add a wheelchair ramp to your home, consider these techniques for ensuring your wheelchair ramp landscaping is both beautiful and useful.

Create a Beautiful Porch

By adding a front porch to your home, you can more easily blend the ramp into your home design while allowing for more measurability around the door. Both the ramp and the porch should feature the same pretty railing so that the look is cohesive. You can also use the same wood, stone or concrete for the ramp and porch so that the surfaces run into one another seamlessly.

Make a Gradual Rampway

wheelchair ramp landscaping, How to Make Wheelchair Ramp Landscaping Look Natural, Hampton Roads MobilityIf you only have a small vertical distance to cover, you make a longer ramp that looks like a garden path. With such a smooth, slow incline, it won’t immediately stand out as ramp, but instead serve as a lovely feature in front of your home. Build up the soil and flower beds along the sides of the ramp so they match the incline for an even better appearance. Just be sure any plants don’t grow so big that they block the ramp.

Plant Taller Shrubs Around the Ramp

For a more budget-friendly option, you can also mask the appearance of a ramp by planting taller shrubs or grasses around the front and sides of the ramp. These plants will help the ramp blend into your landscaping, though they may leave the ramp more exposed in winter months.

Choose Materials and Colors that Match

wheelchair ramp landscaping, How to Make Wheelchair Ramp Landscaping Look Natural, Hampton Roads MobilityIf you have a brick home, you may want to line your wheelchair ramp with bricks. If you have a modern home, metal may work best. If your home is painted blue, consider painting the railings blue, too. Keep in mind the style of your home whenever choosing a ramp or having a ramp built.

Keep Safety in Mind

Remember, you may want as small a ramp as possible, but the ramp still needs to be safe to use. The American Disabilities Act requires that wheelchair ramps have a 1:12 slope. The ramp should also be at least 36 inches wide, though some states require 48 inches of width.

To make a safe ramp, you may have to have the ramp double back on itself instead of one long ramp. These ramps can still be incorporated into landscape design, perhaps even featuring flower beds between the areas where the ramp turns.

If you need a wheelchair ramp fast due to an emergency or only temporarily for a visitor, you may not have time to consider how it looks on the front of your home. At Hampton Roads Mobility, we offer a variety of ramps for rent or sale. Our experts provide free consultation to help you determine what ramp is right for you and your home.

Call us today at (757) 663-5457 for your no-obligation consultation on wheelchair ramp landscaping.

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