October 18, 2018

Home Accessibility and Rumors Surrounding Making the Home Accessible

home accessibility, Home Accessibility and Rumors Surrounding Making the Home Accessible, Hampton Roads MobilityThe need to make your home more accessible can stem from a number of reasons: you just moved into a new home that does not provide for adequate mobility, you’ve recently become wheelchair-bound and need to renovate to meet your new needs, or you’ve been living in a home that does not have adequate home accessibility and you’re ready to make some positive changes.

No matter the reason, there are several myths surrounding these kinds of renovations that may make you reconsider taking on the task. Let’s smote those negative concepts right now.

  1. home accessibility, Home Accessibility and Rumors Surrounding Making the Home Accessible, Hampton Roads MobilityMaking your home more accessible is an expensive endeavor. While some total home accessibility renovations can be costly, compare the cost of your project to what it would cost to live in an assisted living facility or to pay a full-time in-home aide. In comparison, the cost to modify your own home can pay for itself in a very short period of time. Also, if you’re not ready to purchase items such as stair lifts, ramp systems or roll-in shower bays, Hampton Roads Mobility offers a number of our products on a rental basis.
  2. Renovating your home will detract from its resale value. The truth of the matter is it can actually make your home more desirable for potential buyers. Considering that Baby Boomers are becoming an increasingly larger part of the aging population, the number of prospects for a mobility-modified home is growing larger each day.
  3. Adding mobility features to your abode makes it look more like a nursing home. Mobility products are becoming more stylized to meet individual needs. Knocking out walls actually adds to the flow of light and air. Curtains can be used instead of doors to change the look of spaces without decreasing mobility.

Put the rumors aside. If for no other reason, you deserve to enjoy your home. If you need additional help or information, contact us and let’s work together to provide you with the home accessibility you need:


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