September 10, 2018

Types of Disabilities & Unique Home Needs

Hampton Roads Mobility exists to help improve the quality of life of the disabled. With a few small changes to your existing home, vehicle, and life, you or your loved one can be much more comfortable. Whether aging in place, living with a disability, or caring for a child or adult with special needs, Hampton Roads Mobility wants to help YOU. See the different types of disabilities below and what home modifications may be needed.

The majority of our products and services cater to those challenged by mobility, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have ideas for how to help those who face different challenges. Take a look at our list and please reach out if we’ve missed anything important.

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  • Visual Impairments or Blindness: You may not need a stairlift, but new home automation technology (such as smart bulbs) and digital voice-activated personal assistants (such as Alexa, Echo, Siri) can vastly improve quality of life for someone with a visual impairment.
  • Auditory Impairments or Deafness: A wheelchair ramp won’t help you, but most modern advancements include a flashing light-option to replace the traditional sound alarm—including smoke detectors, alarm clocks, and home security systems.
  • Neurological Disorders: Hampton Roads Mobility may be able to help with home modifications for the neurologically impaired, including ramps, scooters, and stairlifts.
  • Mobility Impairments: Because we were founded with mobility for the disabled in mind, we have everything you need to modify your home or vehicle. Whether you are looking to reclaim your own independence and privacy, age in place gracefully, or care for a disabled child or loved one, we can help.

Hampton Roads Mobility understands how much easier life can be with just a few small changes for different types of disabilities. You’ve been called special all your life, but we want to truly make you feel treasured.

Your comfort is worthwhile. Give us a call today.

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