Vehicle Lifts & Modifications

Living with limited mobility doesn’t mean you can’t use your vehicle. But some modifications may need to be made in order to make sure your vehicle can be safely operated while accommodating any changes to your mobility needs. Whether it’s making sure your vehicle is able to accommodate a mobility device or making changes to how your vehicle operates so you can continue to drive, Hampton Roads Mobility can make the necessary modifications to your vehicle. Just call us at (757) 663-5457 to schedule an assessment of your vehicle.

Vehicle Lifts & Locking Systems

If you or a loved one uses a mobility device, you can equip your vehicle with a vehicle lift system to make sure a mobility device can be loaded easily and safely while allowing you to maintain your independence. Hampton Roads Mobility offers vehicle lifts from Bruno, Harmar and Ricon. The lift system can be mounted to your vehicle’s trailer hitch or directly inside your vehicle.

Once the mobility device is in the vehicle, it’s critical that it is secure and won’t move around. With the EZ Lock Docking System, mobility devices are secured to the floor of the vehicle. The EZ Lock system can be used for drivers or passengers in the vehicle, giving you full independence no matter where you are in the vehicle.


Accessible Vehicle Seating

Maintain your comfort with a seat that can accommodate anyone with limited mobility. Hampton Roads Mobility can install Braun Valet Signature Seating in your vehicle, whether you drive a car, truck, van or SUV. These seats are able to rotate, and be raised and lowered with the touch of a button to accommodate transfers and make movement easier. Most importantly, while these seats are built for comfort and function, they are also stylish. The seats feature a luxury upholstery that will look great inside your vehicle.

Accessible Steering & Driving Upgrades

Changes in your mobility doesn’t require you to give up driving. Hampton Roads Mobility offers several enhancements that can allow you to remain behind the wheel and maintain your independence.

Left Foot Gas Pedal

Ideal for users who have lost mobility on their right side, left foot gas pedals are equipped to allow your vehicle to be operated safely. We can install the Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator in your vehicle that is designed to be used by only a designated user.

Here’s how it works:

The pedal has a 15-second activation window that only allows you to activate the accelerator for 15 seconds after the vehicle is started. If it is not engaged in that time, you will need to turn the car off and back on again to use the pedal. This safety feature means that when right-footed drivers use the right-foot accelerator, they won’t risk accidentally using the left-foot accelerator when they go to use the brake. This allows your left foot pedal to be permanently installed, rather than having to swap out a device each time you swap drivers for the vehicle.

Hand Controls & Steering Accessories

If you aren't able to use your legs, you can still operate your vehicle with some modifications from Hampton Roads Mobility. In order to allow you to accelerate and brake, we can install hand controls. We recommend Sure Grip's Push/Rock System. Controls are mounted on your steering wheel, and you pull back on the control to accelerate and push forward to brake. This allows you to maintain speed for hours while staying comfortable.

For steering, there are many enhancements we can add to your steering wheel to make sure you can drive safely. Among these are:

Spinner Knobs

Spinner knobs are round knobs that you can grip to maintain control of the steering wheel. It requires less effort to use that the steering wheel alone.

Tri-Pin Grips

A tri-pin grip can help you hold the steering wheel if you have poor gripping strength and poor stability or strength in your wrists. The comfortable design helps you use your forearm to turn and hold the wheel.

V-Grips/Palm Grips

V-grips, or palm grips, help you grab the wheel if you cannot close your hand or have trouble gripping the wheel, but still have good wrist strength. It allows you to have a stable grip while leaving your hand mostly open.

Single-Pin Grips

Single pin grips provide a comfortable way to hold the wheel if you cannot fully close your hand. It may be an alternative to spinner knobs.

Amputee Rings

Amputee rings are designed for drivers who have prosthetic hooks. These easy-to-install and remove rings give drivers more control.

Steering Wheel Extensions 

Steering wheel extensions can be customized to fit you and your vehicle. They are attached to your wheel, but can extend out several inches to make it easier for you to reach and hold the wheel. You can choose the diameter of your steering wheel extension, how far out it comes and more to increase your comfort.

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