EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking Systems

Wheelchair docking systems help you avoid difficult and time-consuming transfers to a driver or passenger seat in a vehicle. Instead, these systems allow you to stay safely and securely in your wheelchair in the car.

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The specialized design of the EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System supports your independence in many ways. It uses an automatic docking system so you can lock your wheelchair into the vehicle without help from others. When installed in the driver’s area, it allows you to take control of the wheel.

The system securely attaches your wheelchair to the floor of the vehicle so it cannot move or roll when the vehicle is in motion. A stabilizing system also prevents tipping and side-to-side motion.

To ensure your safety, the EZ Lock system uses high quality materials. While you are in the dock, the system electronically monitors your docking status to ensure you remain safe throughout your drive. It will alert you if you are no longer safely docked so you can pull over and adjust your position.

The EZ Lock system has been in use for over 30 years and can be customized to fit many different vehicles and wheelchairs, including power wheelchairs. For maximum safety, the wheelchair docking system should be installed by experienced mobility technicians.

Hampton Roads Mobility trained technicians can install the EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System and other mobility driving aids in your vehicle, helping you get out on the road. Schedule your free consultation by calling Hampton Roads Mobility today at (757) 663-5457.

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