Hand Controls for Vehicles

The accessibility experts at Hampton Roads mobility have years of experience safely and professionally installing hand controls in a wide range of vehicles. Our convenient service makes is easy for you to find the right controls for you and your car - as well as get the controls installed - at all at one location right here in Hampton Roads.

Hand Controls, Hand Controls for Vehicles, Hampton Roads Mobility

Hand controls are easy to use and still allow others to drive your vehicle. You can choose from different types of hand controls to find a design for acceleration and braking, while others use levers.

Sure Grip Push/Rock System

At Hampton Roads Mobility, we suggest the original hand control system: the Sure Grip Push/Rock system.

The push/rock system uses a handle to the side of the steering wheel to control how you accelerate and brake. To speed up, you ease the handle backward. To brake, your rock the handle forward. These motions are easy to make, allow your hand to stay in a comfortable position and don’t require large hand movements. The controls are sensitive like pedals.

The Sure Grip Push/Rock System can be installed in most vehicles because it doesn’t require much space for installation. The handle can fit even in small cars and won’t get in the way of your legs or knees as you drive.

Hand Controls, Hand Controls for Vehicles, Hampton Roads Mobility

This system doesn’t stop the pedals from working and comes with safety features to help you easily share the car with other drivers. The AutoLock feature is a simple switch that can be flipped on to disable the hand control. If drivers who use the pedals are driving the car, they won’t have to worry about accidentally bumping the handle and causing the car to accelerate.

Hand controls help you gain independence and enjoy a smooth, safe and comfortable driving experience.

For more information on hand controls and installation, contact Hampton Roads Mobility today at (757) 663-5457.

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