Left Foot Gas Pedals

When you have limited use of your right foot due to injury or stroke, driving can become next to impossible. To help you regain your ability to drive safely, you can install a left foot gas pedal in your automatic vehicle. This pedal takes over all functions of an accelerator, making it easy for you to accelerate and brake without using your right foot.

Left-Foot Gas Pedals at Hampton Roads Mobility

At Hampton Roads Mobility, we offer the Sure Grip Left Foot Accelerator with electronic AutoLock. This newly designed product helps limit, if not eliminate your liability, when you switch between drivers left- and right-footed drivers.

Thanks to the unique design, the device cannot be used by anyone by the intended user. The pedal has a 15-second activation window that only allows you to active the accelerator for 15 seconds after the vehicle is started. If it is not engaged in that time, you will need to turn the car off and back on again to use the pedal. This safety feature means that when right-footed drivers use the right-foot accelerator, they won’t risk accidentally using the left-foot accelerator when they go to use the brake.

The Sure Grip left-foot gas pedal is permanently installed so you won’t need to remove and re-install the device when you switch between drivers. The pedal mounts from above so you won’t need to drill holes into the floor of your vehicle. It is made of rugged plastic aluminum so it is dependable, but lightweight and smaller in size, taking up less of your floor space. The pedal is also sensitive, allowing for smooth and easy use.

Experienced technicians at Hampton Roads Mobility offer installation of your left-foot gas pedal, helping ensure the pedal works safely and appropriately. Call us today at (757) 663-5457 to learn more about how we can help you get back on the road with vehicle modifications.

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